Kelowna Letter





Kelowna Secondary School

Lorraine Ewonus

Teacher, English As A Second Language

The following is an excerpt from Lorraine Ewonus' letter of reference, dated  February 24 1995

To Whom it May Concern

It truly amazed me, after first playing the adult version at a teacher's conference that a simple game could have such an impact on its players.  After a mere 2 hours playing with complete strangers, I made new friends (rare as an adult) and learned a great deal about myself.

I decided that I must try this game on my very diverse group of English As a Second Language (ESL) students.  The impact was truly amazing.  Not only did each player (from Canada, Africa, Yugoslavia, Argentina, India, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Croatia, Hungary) get to know how other felt about common problems or ideas, each one learned about him/herself.  Language was a difficulty to start, however, ways to communicate and help each other understand soon took hold.  Perhaps because the format of the game was clear and simple, the students could easily focus on how to help each other understand the question.

 Know Me™ has endless potential in most learning environments.  This unique game always has a positive impact on its players.  It has been my experience that anyone who plays this game for the first time asks to play it again. 


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