Examples of the uses
 and impact of
Know Me™ are:

Conflict Resolution

Peace Committees in South Africa use Know Me™ as a trust building tool in communities.

The FT Mortgage Companies of Dallas, Texas use the Know Me™ Teamwork game to increase sharing and conflict resolution in individual departments of their mortgage servicing operation.


Schools such as Kelowna Secondary High School use Know Me™ in their ESL programs to improve understanding and communication between students of different cultures.

Trust Building

Canadian business schools such as the Universities of British Columbia and Calgary are using Know Me™ in their MBA and Executive Development Programs.

Cultural Relationship Building

Blanchard Training and Development have decided to include Know Me™ as "a powerful tool for building trust and communication" in their High Performing Teams workshops

Quality and Customer Service Training

Organizations such as the Bank of Canada, the Royal Bank and Glaxo Wellcome are so impressed with the way Know Me™ enables people to address sensitive issues that they have incorporated it into their diversity training programs.

Quality and Customer Service Training

McDonald's Switzerland is using Know Me™ to improve its customer service.

Career Counseling

Consulting firms such as Garth Toombs & Associates Inc. use Know Me™ to help their clients explore their career development strategies and skills.

Change Management

Deloitte & Touche use Know Me™ as a tool for assisting their clients in managing change.

Team Building

The Defense Systems Management College in Virginia uses Know Me™ for improving understanding and for building teams.


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