Know Me™ provides users with five major benefits:

  1. Addresses real issues:Know Me™ addresses actual workplace issues affecting relationships and performance - it is not a simulation.  Transference of the benefit is straightforward and immediate.
  2. Teaches communication skills:  The interaction process trains the very skills needed to maintain a healthy interaction process in the workplace. The skills mastered during the Know Me™ experience can be practiced and improved every day.
  3. Enhances personal mastery: The experience builds personal mastery by developing participants' self-insight and self-esteem.
  4. Builds trust and respect: The outcome of the experience is trust in the process, in the value of dialogue, and the ease with which communication can occur, and trust in the participants and their ability to deal effectively with tough issues among themselves.
  5. Enhances performance.  The effectiveness and profitability of an organization is dependent upon the way people in the organization deal with each other and with the obstacles that inhibit performance. The game enhances the effectiveness of participants' interactions and puts the real issues and problems on the table.

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