AZ Group Letter





Arizona Group Psychotherapy Society

Kevin D. Thorson, MEd, CGP

Conference Program Co-Chair

I'm dropping you a short note to thank you again for bringing KnowMe™ to our annual conference on May 1, 1998. It has been awhile since the conference, but I have been waiting for time in my schedule so I could properly relish the experience and benefits of our playing the game at our conference.

Being professionals providing group psychotherapy, we value 'practicing what we preach' as a significant element of our continued learning.  Playing KnowMe™ on the first night of our three day conference was both enjoyable and helpful.  Whether attendees know each other by prior association or come knowing no one else, establishing group cohesion and 'deepening the grove' of safety and self-disclosure are always a conference task.  These felt especially important this year because our general session was on Diversity.

I could tell playing  fit our goals perfectly when the noise level in the room went up, when people lingered afterwards even though we finished late at night and we had to be back in the morning, and by the comments people made that night and throughout the rest of the conference.    I heard things like:

"Even though I'm tired, I don't want to quit."

"An hour and a half is too short. I want more."

"This is so good - I'll use it with my therapy group, but I think I'll also invite some friends over to play."

"I've known all the people at my table for years, but not like this."

I hope this gets close to conveying our satisfaction so you know the depth of our gratitude for sharing KnowMe™ with us.


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