Early Development in S.A.

Early Development in South Africa
We tried a number of variations of the game over some 10 years.  Each new version attempted further to simplify the playing process, while maximizing the flexibility of the instrument.

    1. The game was used in numerous settings with hundreds of groups.  It was played at all levels and in many different organizations, frequently bringing together a complete cross-section of the organization from chief executive to the most junior employees.

    2. It was used with corporations, community groups, church groups, youth groups, counseling groups and families, as well as with groups working to bridge divisions and reduce community violence in South Africa.

    3. It was almost always used with groups who were in conflict with one another, or where there was an apparent estrangement of groups from one another.

Throughout this time the game existed only as a tool we used in our own consulting.  It was not available in its current marketable form.


Content & Process

Subsequential Development in Canada


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