Defense Letter





Department of Defense - Defense Systems Management College

Myrna J. Bass


I just want to tell you that the "KnowMe™" game has been very valuable in our team building efforts at Defense Systems Management College.  We had two different groups experiencing difficulty in coming together as a day-to-day office group and the "KnowMe™" game made the difference.  They now understand each other better and share information more freely and effectively than ever before. The Department Head was quite pleased.

After receiving kudos in front of other Department Heads for the KnowMe™ Game offering, I received more requests for assistance.  It is a powerful tool for closing the distance between team member's perceived differences.  You really have a great product.  I first saw it in action at ASTD two years ago and I knew then it was something I should buy.

Thank you again for all your interest and support in making this a success.


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